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Liquid filling machine aseptic filling knowledge

Aseptic cold irrigation: is relative to the hot filling, usually refers to the filling at room temperature. We generally refer to aseptic cold filling refers to the aseptic filling of PET bottles, namely CAFPET. CAF is an acronym for Cold AsepticFilling.
Aseptic packaging technology was born in the 1930s, 1961 Tetra Pak first Tetra Pak aseptic packaging technology for commercial production. PET aseptic cold filling line also uses aseptic space plus chemical disinfectant to sterilize to ensure that the entire filling process to achieve aseptic requirements.
In simple terms, aseptic products are filled into sterile packaging containers under aseptic conditions and sealed.
Sterile environment: The environment is sterilized using cleanrooms and chemical disinfectants (steam).
Sterile product: Sterilize the product with UHT.
Sterile packaging containers: bottles and lids sterilized with peroxide disinfectant.
Aseptic processing of filling equipment.