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Full-automatic Bottle Flushing, Filling, Nitrogen Filling and Plugging Integrated Machine

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Main characteristics:
The machine is my company according to a foreign model independence development of gather a full-automatic inside out type blunt bottle machine and full-automatic etc. infuse to pack machine, full-automatic blunt the nitrogen machine and full-automatic dozen fill machine's four kinds of models at the integral whole of allied body machine, in addition to and have list the characteristics of the machine, also effectively solved list machine list connect take up space greatly, the artificial operates tedious irregularity, the equipments passes in and out a bottle synchronously, the power is consistent, step process simplification concentration, convenience, produce an efficiency to consumedly raise.Extensively used for grape wet goods, condiment, drugs, beverage, and juice...etc. the packing with the higher gaseous automation degree don't produce on-line.
1, blunt bottle of machine characteristics
(1)Adopt a flexible strong dint machine hand to grasp a bottle, turn over a bottle, blunt bottle of, control a bottle, inside out reset, bottle etc. work preface, carry out full-automatic turn production.
(2)Is continuous follow type blunt bottle efficiency Gao, flush an effect stability credibility.
(3)Adopt an international famous brand inverter to become repeatedly and adjust soon, the speed freely controls.
(4)Usher in abroad first into the technique, develop the inside out machine hand of development to have to grasp a bottle of fixed position accurate, inside out activity from such as, blunt water valve seal completely function well, blunt strength for bottle the big bottle of is to the neutral quasi- etc. advantage.
(5)Pass in and out a bottle to adopt count control to carve center to process of lead a bottle of Luo pole and stir dish, bottle the accurate ducting enter a bottle way track and effectively solved crowded bottle of, card bottle, bottle, break the hard nut to crack of bottle.
(6)Needs to press to move rise and fall according to twist and replace to correspond a bottle of path after stiring the dish can immediately replace different bottle of path, bottle Gao of bottle, adjust convenience from such as.
2, infuse to pack a machine characteristics:
(1)The scope is big:Applicably bottle the path 60-100 mms, bottle high 250-350 mms, infuse to pack capacity scope big, adjust convenience.
(2)Is whole and permit:Various circular containers, such as glass, porcelain, Su and pottery vase...etc. can carry out full-automatic turn a homework.This function is very convenient of with originalOf various lose a bottle of line conjunction.
(3)The liquid is quasi-:Infuse to pack a liquid not with bottle capacity variety, infuse to pack a liquid consistent.
(4)Not the drop leaks:Seal completely tight credibility, break, leak a bottle and automatically don't infuse without the bottle, don't spread a liquid.
(5)Don't break a bottle:The adoption flexibility gives bottled place, bottle high error margin auto orientation, soft start, soft brake, have no rigid pound at, don't break a bottle of woundMachine.
(6)The initiative ushers in abroad to infuse to pack a technique, adoption negative the press type etc. to infuse to pack valve, enter bottle direction good, the liquid is quasi- to infuse to pack speed quickly, make product better than to go together an industry standard.
3, beat to fill a machine characteristics
(1)The structure designs novel, tightly packed, work credibility.
(2)Maintain convenience, break down little, the equipments life span is long.
(3)According to bottle type height, adjust to beat to fill height, apply high scope of a bottle of type wide.
(4)Enter a bottle, press to fill process to have flexibility and lead carry a protection, prevent°from breaking a bottle of Sun machine.
(5)Have no bottle, don't descend a wood to fill, prevent°from the waste that the wood fills.
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