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Automatic anti-theft cap sealing machine

Serial number
The model is applicable to the wrench off type aluminum system to guard against theft to cover the bottle of sealing type.
The reason of making use of the electromagnetism vibration type, revolve type or the spirit blow type covers a machine and make the cap manage a smooth from such as, kit Jing work creation the stainless steel manage cover device and make cap position accurate don't fall a bottle of phenomenon.
?Seal knife to adopt a special material creation, strict through hot processing craft processing, service life long.Roll to press an equilibrium type work of an adoption four-wheeler principle, roll a line to guard automatic 1 time of side to complete, the pressure route of travel regulates simple, the veins is even with, the external appearance is tactful don't shrivel, is effective, efficiency Gao.
?Is rapid structure of stir a bottle of star round, lead a bottle of plank, enter bottle the Luo pole can carry out to quickly put to change, very convenient, the bottle establishes automatic fixed position device and avoided slanting bottle of, card bottle, lead a bottle of fixed position to prohibit etc. is many disadvantageous influence.
?Roll to press a center to be apart from just right, reduced to leave a mental exertion phenomenon in the normal work, the top and bottom led to a stalk set the surface enhance a processing, with roll axle to accept close match, let up a work pulse degree, make equipments high speed work also have no vibration impact, work more credibility steady.
?The power fastens and stirs a round to fasten to all establish buffer over carry a protection to equip, start establish flexible component absorption, steady and soft, be have intention to outside occurrence lead carry equip to immediately cut off the power, automatically shut down, promised a person machine safety.
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