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RXXJ32-24-24-8 Quad Hot Filling Machine

TheequipmentsoutlinesApplyaproduct:Purewater,andmineralspring...etc.Applycontainer:ThePETbottleofvariouscapacityandshapeInfusetopacksystem:ThegravityinfusestopackProduceability:5000BPHs-48000BPHses Te
Serial number
The equipments outlines
Apply a product:Pure water, and mineral spring...etc.
Apply container:The PET bottle of various capacity and shape
Infuse to pack system:The gravity infuses to pack
Produce ability:5000 BPHs-48000 BPHses
Technique characteristics
Adopt breeze to send a way with enter a bottle to stir a round to keep connect technique, canceled into a bottle Luo pole and transport a chain, transformation bottle the form is in brief easy.
The bottle delivers and adopts the whole distance card bottleneck(neck handling) technique, the transformation bottle form needs not and adjusts an equipments height, and needs to be replaced the body diameter related arc-shaped and leads plank and stirs an etc. nylon piece with bottle.
The high-speed line adoption bottle clips to deliver a technique, the bottle type changes more freely, machine set internal work set the noodles is more simple and direct;
Three unite as one a machine set a completion bottle-washer in the inner part, infuse to pack, the cover is three work prefaces, the bottle wears away small, spread accurate and steady, bottle the type replace convenience.
Special design of whole stainless steel the blunt bottle of machine bottle clip to fructify enduring, not contact bottle thread part, avoid a bottle of two pollutions.
The high-speed big discharge gravity infuses to pack valve and infuse to pack speed quick, the liquid noodles is accurate to have no liquid Sun.
All of zero partses contacting the liquid adopt high-quality stainless steel material or the food class engineering plastics, electricity system majority of choice import component, match national food hygiene standard
The bottle stirs a bottle bottom to give a plank adoption the helix descend a way, the transformation bottle form needs not to adjust a bottle to transport chain height.
The equipments mainly constitutes part
Three unite as one host from bottle-washer machine, infuse to pack machine, the Xuan cover machine, machine, seal a window, lord electrical engineering and spread a system, bottle to deliver thin, reason cover machine and electricity control the system etc. parts to constitute.
The inside out organization of bottle-washer machine is mainly clipped by the water dish, bottle-washer in cent and up turn dish, lead a track, protection cover, spray water device and connect water dish to constitute
Infuse to pack organization, mainly from infuse to pack a bucket, infuse to pack valve, lead a track and promote a device, card bottle to ascend and descend device etc. to constitute.
Cover organization, from reason cover machine, fall cover to lead track and Xuan cover machine the three greatest partses constitute.
The assistance(or choose to go together with) equipments has blunt bottle water reflux bottle, enter bottle breeze way and bottle chain, in addition can also press the customer to request to install artificial a top a bottle platform(or reason bottle machine), more line up bad soon the chain type artificial row bottle set, automatically and up cover machine etc..
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